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Official BTUSA Rules and Regulations



Listed below are the official rules and regulations of Beach Tennis USA®, the governing body of the sport of Beach Tennis in North America.




  • Beach Tennis is played as Singles, Doubles, 3-on-3, and 4-on-4

  • Net Heights" Grass/Hard Surface: 5'10", Sand/Snow - 5'7"

  • Width of an official Beach Tennis court is 26 1/4 ft. (8 meters)

  • Length of an official Beach Tennis court is 52 1/2 ft. (16 meters)

  • Beach Tennis Paddle must be minimum of 18 1/2 inches in length and no longer than 20 inches





The rules of beach tennis are similar to those of regular Tennis:


  • Scoring is 15-30-40 with no advantage; at 40-40 (deuce) next point wins

  • Only 1 hit is allowed to get the ball over the net; you may not pass the ball to your partner

  • In Mixed Doubles, men serve underhand

  • Lets are in play

  • Only one serve is allowed per point

  • The ball can NOT hit the sand. If it does, the opposing team receives a point

  • The number one rule in Beach Tennis is HAVE FUN!!



The International Tennis Federation (ITF) establishes the rules of Beach Tennis. BTUSA is the governing body of Beach Tennis in the United States and works with the ITF and other associations to unify the rules of Beach Tennis. The above rules are a streamlined version of the Official Rules of Beach Tennis. You can review a full copy of the rules of Beach Tennis. 









President | Alfredo Méndez

Vice President | Gerald Kleis

Treasurer | José Acho Cobián

Secretary | Héctor Sanjenis

Executive Counselor | Roberto Herrera

Tournament Director | Mario Dávila

Legal Counselor | Jorge Pérez Casellas

Doctor | Luis Ángel Valle

Webpage | María Gabriela Huertas Díaz

Spokespersons and Committees | Beatriz de Jesús, Cristina Fierres, Omar Gamero, Isla Verde Beach Tennis Club, Bonchi Morales, Aksel Samarsdic


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