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Looking for fierce competition? We got it. Looking for just fun? We got that too.

Check who is leading the competition in every single league.

See the fun up close. There really is nothing like it.

From beginner to pro we welcome players at all sportsmanship levels.

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President | Alfredo Méndez

Vice President | Gerald Kleis

Treasurer | José Acho Cobián

Secretary | Héctor Sanjenis

Executive Counselor | Roberto Herrera

Tournament Director | Mario Dávila

Legal Counselor | Jorge Pérez Casellas

Doctor | Luis Ángel Valle

Webpage | María Gabriela Huertas Díaz

Spokespersons and Committees | Beatriz de Jesús, Cristina Fierres, Omar Gamero, Isla Verde Beach Tennis Club, Bonchi Morales, Aksel Samarsdic


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